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Ski Lodge Cleaners

  • Job Location

    Various Ski Resorts in British Columbia & Ontario - Canada

  • Start date

    Late November

  • Duration

    4-6 Month Contracts

  • Job Benefits



Discover the best ski slopes Canada has to offer, and earn money while doing it by working as a Ski Lodge Cleaner with Work Canada!

With a whole country just waiting to be discovered, with Work Canada you'll get the opportunity to work and travel for up to a full year in an alternative North American setting.

You can choose between our two programmes, giving you more choice on how you spend your time in Canada!

BUNAC will be able to offer comprehensive advice on obtaining your IEC Work Permit Visa, help with jobs, accommodation, flights, insurance and much more.

BUNAC will provide you with a package that includes a guaranteed job on our Ultimate programme and the option of taking a group flight with fellow BUNACers.

For more information email us on [email protected] or call 03339997516


British passport holder aged 18-30.

About us

With the majestic mountains of the West and vibrantly diverse cities of the East, it's not hard to see Canada's appeal. BUNAC has been sending young people on working holidays to this glorious country for over 30 years, and with

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